4th of July DWI Crackdown:

            New York State STOP-DWI Association, Inc., had a program to prevent and intercept drunk driving by having “crackdowns” during the holiday weekends every year. This year’s Fourth of July DWI Crackdown will be from July 2, 2021 through July 5, 2021. During the crackdown, there is increased police patrol and DWI checkpoints. Nassau County and Suffolk County both participate in the 4th of July DWI Crackdown.

            The sad part is, while everyone is trying to enjoy the weekend and celebrate the holiday, motor vehicle accident fatalities and injuries spike. New York State Police Superintendent stated, “During this enforcement period, drivers can expect a number of sobriety checkpoints and DWI patrols. Law enforcement will also be looking for motorists who are using their phones and other electronic devices while behind the wheel. Drivers should also remember to “move over” for stopped emergency and hazard vehicles stopped on the side of the road when they travel New York roadways.” Last year, nearly 9,214 traffic tickets were issued during the 4th of July weekend. Additionally, 180 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Moreover, there were 456 motor vehicle accidents where police were called to the scene and one fatality.

            Predictably, there were more arrests and tickets issued during the 2019 than the 2020 4th of July DWI Crackdown.  This year, we predict that the number of arrests will increase as there will be additional police patrol and additional people celebrating the holiday.

            The New York State Police, GTSC and NHTSA recommend these simple tips to prevent impaired driving:

  • Plan a safe way home before you go out;
  • Designate a sober driver;
  • If you are impaired, call an Uber, Lyft or a taxi, or use public transportation;
  • If you suspect a driver is drunk or impaired on the road, don’t hesitate to contact local law enforcement;
  • Do not forget the adage, friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

            Be safe, have fun and enjoy the long 4th of July weekend!

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