Halloween 2019 Safe Driving Tips

Halloween is a holiday both children and adults enjoy. During the celebration, there are additional vehicles on the road, and several pedestrians in the streets- especially children! On Halloween, be cautious when driving! This year, Halloween is on a Thursday, so there may be parties the weekend before and during the week; please be careful when driving all week. Below are a few Halloween driving tips to help keep everyone safe.

1. Do Not Drink and Drive:    Halloween celebrations often include alcohol. However, do not drink and drive. While you should never drink and drive, consuming alcohol lowers inhibitions, causing drinkers to make poor decision. With the extra number of pedestrians in the streets, namely children, it is crucial that you don’t get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Beforehand, designate a driver or plan to call an Uber.

2. Be Alert:     On Halloween, there are more pedestrians in the streets than any other night of the year. Trick-or-Treaters are usually children, who may be overcome by Halloween excitement, causing them to not look before crossing the street or to run out into traffic.  Be on the lookout for children who may be abruptly entering the roadway. Watch out for pedestrians, kids, parents with young children in strollers, or children on bicycles and scooters.  Be especially careful when driving around driveways. It may be difficult to identify a Trick-or-Treater in the dark, and at times, Halloween costumes can make it difficult to decipher a person from an object. On Halloween, drive with heightened awareness of your surroundings. 

3. Do Not Speed:        While you should always drive cautiously in residential neighborhoods, it is especially important to slow down on when driving on Halloween. It is not safe to assume that children will not run out into the path of an oncoming car, even if they are accompanied by adults.  Driving below the designated speed limit provides you with enough time to react to unexpected events. Drive slowly around turns and areas where your view of the upcoming road may be limited. If traveling in the dark, drive slowly, as Trick-or-Treaters may still be out and may be in dark colored costumes.

4. Don’t Pass Vehicles:           If another vehicle is stopped in the road, do not be quick to pass it.  On Halloween, it is safer to assume that another driver is stopped because there are people in the road or approaching the road.  If you believe that a stopped vehicle is not yielding to pedestrians, pass the vehicle as slowly as possible, especially in a residential area.   

5. Be Cautious Around Driveways:    Trick-or-Treaters often use driveways when walking to the front door of each house they visit. Exercise greater caution when driving past driveways with multiple cars parked in them. Children may be walking in between or behind the parked vehicles, blocking them from view. If possible, park vehicles in your own driveway as far from the street as you can.  

6. Don’t Drive If You Don’t have to:             The fewer vehicles on the road on this Halloween, the less chance for accidents. While it is unavoidable if you are required to travel to work or for an emergency, if there is no pressing reason to be on the road, avoid it.

Here at Tocci Law, we wish you all a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!