The Benefits of Stand-up MRI: From a Personal Injury Perspective

            After accidents that require any form of hospital care, physicians will perform diagnostic tests in order to identify the main source of your pain and to define the extent of your injuries. In order to do so, healthcare providers frequently utilize Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (MRI) to view the structures inside your body without the use of X-rays or invasive procedures. Instead, the MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to generate detailed images. In the past, MRIs were only performed while the patient is lying down.  In this article, you’ll briefly learn about the benefits of a Stand-up MRI, as they gain increasing recognition for being the most accurate tool used for the evaluation and treatment of patients. 

The Technology

            The Stand-up MRI is one of the most accurate methods of diagnostic imaging available today. The secret to the effectiveness of the stand-up MRI lies in its ability to scan patients in a variety of positions. Unlike ordinary MRI machines, where the injured party is lying down and surrounded by an enclosed tube, the stand-up MRI permits patients to be sitting, standing, leaning, bending or laying down whilst the scan is being done. In other words, the patient can be in any position, including the position(s) causing the pain. Stand-up MRI systems allow for upright and angled imaging, which replicate partial or full weight-bearing conditions. This also allows for kinetic maneuvers of the patient’s whole body or body parts. With such, spinal injuries and back pain can be quickly overlooked when a scan is done only from one angle; however, the Stand-up MRI expands the view for proper diagnoses and targeted treatment. An added benefit is that patients report feeling greater levels of comfort compared to the confined and restricted nature of an ordinary MRI machine.

Stand-Up MRI in Personal Injury Cases

            From a legal perspective, the Stand-up MRI has enabled subjective evaluations in personal injury cases to evolve into precise evidence-based reports. With such, the Stand-up MRI will not only enhance any evidence in your personal injury case, but it will also decrease the risk of misdiagnosis. Certain injuries are not detectable when using a traditional MRI machine. Respectively, when an injury is left undiagnosed, the increased risk can hurt your ability to obtain compensation for your injuries from the responsible party.  Additionally, injuries left undiagnosed could be detrimental to your health. Left undiagnosed, surgery or invasive procedures may be necessary to treat your condition.

            With your best interest at heart, Tocci Law can connect you with physicians who prescribe Stand-up MRIs as a diagnostic tool to ensure that you receive the most effective medical care.  Studies have shown that the proper diagnoses provided by Stand-up MRIs will assist you in recovering as quickly as possible. For more information, call Law Offices of Jennifer G. Tocci, P.C., (631) 343-7676.