Tips for Winter Driving in New York

Despite the harsh weather conditions during the winter months, New Yorkers must continue-on with their busy lives, whether they’re commuting to work, school, or venturing out for a leisurely activity. Along with the everyday traffic, add wet, icy, snowy road conditions and all of the dangers come along with it.

Pre-start your car:

New Yorkers are notorious for always be in a rush. Little do they know, taking 10 minutes to heat up their cars could potentially save their lives. Allowing the necessary time for a car warm up not only melts snow and ice but allows your windshield wipers to remove snow and ice much more effectively.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance:

Don’t drive in poor weather conditions if you have neglected to maintain your vehicle. Make sure to check the gas tank and tire pressure on your vehicle before a long drive. While this may seem unimportant, harsh weather conditions may cause your unmaintained vehicle to fail when you need it most. Worn out windshield wipers or unsafe brakes may cause an accident. Additionally, driving with the necessary equipment to deal with a roadside emergency is essential. Be sure your vehicle has a tire chain, jumper cables, and a spare tire at all times. Being stuck on the side of the road may be dangerous, especially during poor weather conditions where other vehicles could slide into your parked vehicle.

Drive at a safe pace:

The speed limits are the maximum speed you should be driving in perfect weather conditions. In less than perfect weather conditions, travel slower than the speed limit posted, especially around turns. The slower you’re traveling, the more control you will have over your vehicle.

Watch out for other drivers:

In all weather conditions, it is important to be aware of other drivers. However, poor weather causes vehicles to slide, fail to stop, and turn improperly. As much as you may be prepared for your drive, you never know the conditions in which another is driving. When were their brakes last checked? Are they driving at a safe speed? Even if other drivers are safe and prepared, weather conditions can cause accidents. If you’re cautious of others while on the road, you can have a faster reaction time in the event of a potential accident occurring.

Don’t drive if you don’t have to!:

Why expose yourself to heightened risk if you are not required? The safest way to avoiding possible dangers in harsh weather conditions is to simply not drive at all. This will not always be an option for many people, especially those who must work regardless of the weather (i.e.: healthcare providers and emergency personnel); however, avoiding driving at unnecessary times can potentially prevent an injury or save your life.

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