Who is responsible in a serious bus accident?

Bus accidents usually cause more serious injuries and injure a larger number of people compared to other motor vehicle accidents. Even where a bus driver is obeying the speed limit, the extra weight and size of the bus make the bus harder to control and result in a higher collision impact.

Whom do you sue if you’re injured in a bus accident?

The parties who are legally responsible for your injuries depend on the vehicle you were traveling in and your position in that vehicle. In a bus accident, there are typically multiple defendants. At the Law Offices of Jennifer G. Tocci, P.C., we can evaluate your individual case to ensure all appropriate parties are answering for your injuries. Similar to other motor vehicle accidents, we first evaluate the fault of all drivers. In the case of a bus accident, we always assess the level of fault on the bus driver, who will be a party to the lawsuit for injuries.  In an accident where a bus driver bears any fault, the individuals, companies, or organizations who own or control the bus should be evaluated for liability for your injuries. The party who owns the bus, such as Hampton Jitney, Regency Charter Buses, Coach buses, Suffolk Transportation Services, etc., should be sued in a personal injury lawsuit. In addition to the bus driver and the bus owner, any party renting, controlling, or otherwise organizing the utilization of the bus should be assessed for potential liability for your injuries. This could be school districts, clubs, churches, etc. Depending upon your specific case, evaluating whether the bus manufacturer or company responsible for repairs and maintenance of the bus could be at fault. At times, the government agency that is responsible for the design and maintenance of the roadway may be at fault for your injuries in a bus accident.

Is there enough insurance to cover injuries if there are several people who were injured in the bus accident?

Buses usually carry higher insurance coverage than regular motor vehicles. In addition, frequently the company who owns the bus will have additional policies that may be utilized to compensate for personal injuries. The high coverage of bus insurance, coupled with liable driver’s policies will be available.  The entire policy amount will generally be divided between the injured parties, in proportion to their injuries. Just as in the case of any other motor vehicle accident, there will be a maximum any one person can recover. The insurance coverage limits depend on your specific case, which the Law Offices of Jennifer G. Tocci, P.C., can calculate for you. Law Offices of Jennifer G. Tocci, P.C., investigates each and every potential insurance policy, including your underinsured/uninsured (SUM/UM) policies to ensure that you’re protected from all possible angles.

Are there any special rules that must be followed when suing a bus company?

A bus is treated the same under the law as any other motor vehicle. The statute of limitations is the same.  In a bus accident, it is especially important to determine if any governmental agency could be liable for your injuries, as there are special rules when suing the state, town, county, city, or village.  In these cases, there are critically short deadlines that may be applicable to your case. It is in your best interest to hire legal counsel at your earliest convenience to avoid missing these short deadlines.

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