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After an accident, limiting the lasting effects is always our goal. With teens, we work to ensure their lives stay on track. Any injuries, but especially serious injuries, restrict your teen’s ability to perform to their fullest potential. In addition to physical injuries, teens are susceptible to emotional and developmental setbacks associated with temporary or permanent loss of bodily use and function. They may find it difficult to fully focus and participate in school, sports, extracurricular activities, work, and spending time with friends and family. Injured teens have to worry about strengthening their pathway to success along with healing. At this important time in their development, they need an attorney who protects all aspects of their lives.

Teenagers are Different.

Teenagers are rapidly maturing and hitting several milestones, from the transition to high school to preparing for college or the workforce. As they proceed through adolescence, they gain independence and do not require as much parental supervision. Although we have the utmost trust in our children, even the most cautious individuals can be victims of an accident. In the event your adolescent aged child is a minor, the law does not permit them to handle the situation without a parent or guardian. Even if they are 18 or 19 years of age, frequently, they rely on their parents for guidance and support. Despite relying on their parents, pre-teens and teenagers are able to play an important role in assisting in the prosecution of their case.

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How was your Teenager Injured?

You may perceive your adolescent aged child to still be your little tot, but at this age, they are coming into their own. Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood. While they are still heavily dependent on you to parent and guide them, they are beginning to make decisions for themselves. We hope to instill good values in our children, and this is the age where they are riding without training wheels more frequently. However, they are still kids. At this age, in addition to the normal probability of being involved in an accident, they are increasing the risks they take. They may choose to ride with an inexperienced driver, disregard the dangers of others driving under the influence, or hangout around unsafe conditions or on dangerous property.

Types of Adolescent injuries

What are your Teenager's Injuries?

The body of a teenager may be comparable to an adult’s in size and development. However, they may still be growing. As a result, injuries can have lasting effects that would not manifest in an adult. Injuries to a developing body may stunt growth and even lead to permanent physical damage. On the other hand, teenagers have a remarkable ability to heal well from major injuries. In any event, they should be compensated fairly. Consequently, teenagers’ injuries need to be properly assessed and favorably presented to litigants, insurance companies, judges, and juries. We work judiciously to ensure your child is represented.
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Types of Adolescent injuries