Why Choose Tocci Law?

Injuries from dog bites and attacks are often serious and require considerable medical intervention. Unlike other injuries that may heal completely, dog bite injuries more often than not leave behind permanent damage, such as scarring and loss of use of body parts. We refuse to allow dog owners and insurance companies to discount the true extent of your injuries. Instead, we paint vivid pictures for the jury, insurance company, and dog owner, emphasizing the attack, physical injuries, depth of medical treatment, and lasting physical and psychological damage. Our objective is to obtain the best possible outcome for your case in order to restore normalcy to your life after a dog bite attack.

Long Island Dog Bite Cases:

When we think about dogs, we think, “man’s best friend,” and we view them as family members. Unfortunately, that does not mean dogs cannot hurt us, especially in cases where the dog owner is irresponsible. To hold a dog owner, property or business owner, or landlord legally responsible, New York State law requires us to show that they knew or should have known about their dog’s previous tendencies of being vicious. A dog does not need a prior history of biting to be deemed “dangerous.” We can prove a dog is vicious by establishing that beforehand the dog was aggressive, growled excessively, attempted to bite, or was involved in a prior attack. However, if the dog has previously bitten or attacked someone in the past, the owner can be held strictly liable. Once owners are legally liable, they are responsible for medical costs, lost earnings, related out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.

Why You Need an Attorney Now:

In dog bite cases, identifying every person and party who may be responsible is key. The greater the interval of time between an accident and the building of a case, the tougher it becomes to locate people, property owners, and insurance policies. Upon hiring us, we investigate the case immediately to ascertain those at fault, and to preserve evidence. We obtain neighbor’s statements, witnesses, veterinary records, court records, 911 calls, and reports to other authorities. In dog bite cases, evidence may disappear quickly, thus, the best time to hire us is as soon after the attack as you are able.