Why Choose Tocci Law?

Assault, battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, or other deliberate acts we associate with criminal consequences, however, you can pursue a claim against your assailant in civil court as well. Double jeopardy does not apply here. We are your next step after the police (whether there was an arrest or not). We seek to hold the responsible parties accountable for your bodily and emotional injuries. If successful, they may be on the hook for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What is an Intentional Act?

An intentional act is deliberate conduct, where the assailant’s actions are meant to cause harm. Their conduct goes beyond a mistake or an accident. Further, if that conduct takes place on another’s property or at their business, in certain circumstances they can be held liable too.
Types of injuries

Long Island Cases

The majority of assault cases on Long Island are against bars and restaurants. Business establishments frequently have insurance, making it more likely to collect a potential judgment. Moreover, typically, we only need to prove a business or property owner was negligent (or irresponsible), and do not need to show that the owners acted intentionally. Potential defendants are not limited to businesses and can include individual people, security companies, churches, schools, and colleges.