Why Choose Tocci Law?

We protect your position from the moment you choose to retain us. Our attorneys have technical degrees and understand medical and biological standards. This allows us to present the full extent of your injuries effectively and thoroughly to insurance companies, attorneys, judges, and juries.

Long Island Motor Vehicle Accidents

While nobody expects to be involved in a motor vehicle collision, accidents happen. You protect yourself by purchasing auto insurance, wearing a seatbelt, and driving safely. Despite taking precautions, you can never eliminate the risk of being injured in an accident. On Long Island alone, 33,000 people will be injured or killed in a car accident each year.  Sadly, Suffolk County has the highest number of fatal car accidents in New York State; Nassau County is second. The law protects those who have been injured in an auto accident. We’re here to help.
Long Island Motor Vehicle Accidents
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Why You Need an Attorney?

Lawsuits for personal injuries are predicated on physical and emotional hardships. Accident injuries range from minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic, life-changing injuries. However, not all injuries qualify for a lawsuit. In New York State, injuries from a motor vehicle accident must be “serious” and “serious” is defined by the law. Insurance companies and opposing attorneys know this and deceitfully prepare from the outset of your accident to make you seem fine- even if you are not. Insurance companies are sophisticated parties, who deal with accident cases regularly and are advised by a department of “in-house” counsel. Additionally, they hire attorneys on behalf of the party that caused your injuries. Don’t be the only party without a lawyer.