Memorial Day Weekend- Safety Tips

Memorial Day Weekend is the time when we honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces. During our celebrations, it is also a time to reflect on the importance of safety and advocacy in our daily lives. Unfortunately, there is a correlation between Memorial Day Weekend and increased incidence of personal injuries.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it is essential to prioritize safety while enjoying the festivities and honoring the occasion. Whether you’re grilling outdoors, spending time by the pool, or engaging in other activities, following safety guidelines can prevent accidents and ensure a memorable and enjoyable weekend.

Driving Safety:

During Memorial Day Weekend, the Suffolk and Nassau County police departments respond to more motor vehicle accidents than they do regularly. There are an increased number of drivers who are driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Further, there are usually more vehicles on the roadways during the holiday. Remember to:  

  • Designate a driver or hire an Uber.
  • Do not drive at night if you can avoid it.
  • If you must drive, it is especially important to obey the speed limit, wear a seatbelt, and avoid other distractions.

Grilling Safety- preventing burns and fire accidents:

Grilling outdoors is a signature way to kick off the summer season. When grilling this weekend:

  • Use the grill in a safe location, in a well-ventilated area away from your home, trees, or flammable objects.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Check that your equipment is in good working condition and there are no gas leaks.
  • When grilling, use tools with long handles.
  • Never leave the grill unattended.
  • Properly extinguish the grill after cooking.
  • Most importantly, keep a safe distance between the grill, where children and pets are not allowed.

Grill burns can be extremely painful and even life-threatening, so safety is the utmost priority when grilling.

Water Safety:

Swimming is a great source of fun. Pool safety is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure a safe environment for everyone, especially children.

  • Supervise children constantly.
  • Have floating devices for small children.
  • Limit alcohol consumption when swimming.
  • Be cautious with inflatable pool toys- particularly if they obstruct the view of the pool or impede the movement of swimmers.

Drowning is a top cause of death in children. Even if there are several children in the pool at the same time, always have an adult nearby.

Firework Safety:

Fireworks on Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial symbol for the start of summer. However, most fireworks are illegal in New York State, are inherently dangerous, and should be ignited with great care.

  • Follow instructions and label guidelines.
  • Keep spectators at a safe distance.
  • Keep pets away from the area entirely.
  • Use a long lighting device,
  • Only allow adults to ignite fireworks.
  • Don’t ignite fireworks under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Don’t launch fireworks close to houses, trees, and flammable objects.

If possible, forgo the at-home fireworks show and attend public displays conducted by professionals. This way you can enjoy the spectacle without the risks associated with personal fireworks use.

By incorporating these safety tips into your Memorial Day Weekend plans, you can create a secure environment for yourself, your loved ones, and your guests. Let’s honor the spirit of Memorial Day by ensuring a weekend filled with joy, relaxation, and most importantly, safety.