What Exactly Is An Executor and How Do You Choose One?

What is an executor? When you create your Will, you will need to choose at least one executor. Your executor is the person who probates your Will, gathers your assets, and distributes them in accordance with your wishes. [Sidebar: Probate means to submit your Will to the court so it can be legally declared valid. […]

Did Your Parent Remarry Before He/She Passed Away? Now What?

Your parent’s remarriage will impact your inheritance. While talking about who will inherit your parents’ assets is a difficult topic, you may wish to discuss your parents’ plan with them, and urge them to make a Will, to avoid potential fights and hurt feelings around their assets after they pass. Disputes between children and their […]

Calling All Millennials: It’s Time to Create a Will

Why millennials need an estate plan Young people often have a false sense of security that they do not need a will. Due to this, an estimated 78% of millennials do not have wills, which isn’t surprising when about 60% of all Americans do not have an end-of-life plan. It is crucial to have an […]