What You Need from Your Physician After an Accident

As chaotic as being in a car accident can be, getting the necessary help and information you need to build your case during the aftermath is imperative. Delaying any treatment or neglecting follow-up doctors’ appointments can negatively affect you receiving the compensation that you need. There are important questions to ask your doctors that can impact how much money you are entitled to after being sustaining an injury resulting from an accident.

Get a diagnosis:

Even injuries that can be observed with the eye must be fully tested for deeper issues.  You do not know if there are underlying internal health risks associated with your injury without the proper testing. Many people delay treatment because they cannot see abrasions and deformities on their bodies. Failure to diagnose an injury, causing delay in treatment could potentially cause the injury to be more severe or permanent. It is important for you to inform your physicians you were in an accident for proper diagnosis of your injuries.  Additionally, informing your doctors that you were in an accident will allow them to document potential causation of your injures in your medical records, which may later be used as proof of your damages.

Understand your diagnosis and treatment options:

Make sure you are informed of all of the injuries from which you are suffering. It is important to ask your doctor what exactly your injuries are and how they could affect you later in life. Unfortunately, there are some injuries from which people do not fully heal. Understanding the long-term effects can influence how you will proceed with future treatments.

Know if the accident caused your injuries:

Knowing whether the accident caused your injuries is imperative in determining whether you have a viable personal injury case.  Feeling sore after an accident could lead to you being evaluated by a medical provider, only to learn you suffer from a condition (such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease) that was not caused by the accident. Therefore, it essential to your health and your case to know the specifics of how your injury was sustained. Doctors are there to be able to provide an expert opinion on these matters. Having a physician declare conclusively that your injuries were the result of your accident may help you better understand your injuries and add value to your personal injury lawsuit. Another question to ask your doctor is, can I go back to work? If not, how long of a leave should I take? Returning to work right away, or too soon after an accident may worsen your injury. Regardless of how severe your injury is, taking time off work may be necessary. Your doctor should write you a letter for the leave, and for when it is safe for you to return. A written letter can also be admissible and used as evidence to your case, proving your injuries have negatively affected your everyday life.

Request copies of your medical records:

Medical records are required for proving an injury after an accident. Without the proof of your injuries, treatment, or the medications you were prescribed, you will not have a strong personal injury case. While some doctors provide an extensive process to acquire these documents, it is imperative to follow through and obtain your medical records.

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